Examples of On-road & Off-Road Vehicle or Component Tests as follows:

Reliability: engine, drivetrain, electrical, brake system, transmission, tires, components, accessories, structural analysis, etc.

Durability:  fender to fender wear out, complete life cycle, extreme conditions, evaluation, maintenance intervals, heavy loads, high speed, etc.

Handling Performance:  high & low speed handling, high & low speed stability, traction, suspension balance, competitor comparison, etc.

E-Vehicle: accelerated battery life cycle, tire rolling resistance.

Tire & Inner Tube: specific mileage target, wear out, life cycle, handling, performance, competitors comparison, structural analysis, inflated dimension analysis, etc.

Ergonomics:  rider comfort, rider fatigue, passenger comfort, control accessibility, functionality, visibility, installation issues, etc.

​​Durability, Handling, E-Vehicles & Ergonomics Test Programs

​​​​Stacy Testing independent programs can evaluate product durability, ergonomics, assess general vehicle handling, vehicle stability, and determine the 'wear out' life cycle.

Our goal is to provide an 'unbiased and repeatable' development testing foundation that allows our clients to benchmark and improve their products based on the test results.

Private testing proving grounds and real world to extreme riding conditions are available to suit your testing needs

"Confidentiality is a top priority and each client's results only belong to them."