Tire design & development




 ​​​​If you tell someone you design 'tires', most will tilt their head in amazement because to the 'customer' who buys a 'tire'...they're black & round OR their next thought...I guess somebody has to design them? Right?

Frank Stacy's expertise in design, development & testing, in the 'field' & laboratory the past 30 years, has given him the ability to provide his consulting services to many major tire manufacturers worldwide.  His expertise covers all aspects of tread design, casing structure, rubber compounding & manufacturing.  Which in turn gives clients a consulting service from the 'initial tread design' to the 'final mass production sample approval.'

1) Tread Pattern Design

  • 30 years experience; 750+ tread patterns designed for world market
  • Understand tire to vehicle relations & tire to vehicle application
  • Understand features & benefits for tread pattern to achieve highest level of performance, traction, rolling resistance, durability & wear.
  • Complete drawing approval from initial concept, 2D & 3D final approval prior to make 'tire mold'.


  • Understand features & benefits of casing structure
  • Understand rubber compound formula to suit intended application
  • Understand how structural & rubber compound differences can effect performance, durability, ride quality, traction, handling, rolling resistance of vehicle and/or tire​.

3) Tire Manufacturers 

  • Continue to provide technical education to numerous tire manufacture design engineers regarding features & benefits of tread pattern design, casing structure, rubber compound, tire to vehicles relationship, field testing procedures & latest market trends.

4) Tire Industry Standards followed:

  • European Tyre and Rim Organization (ETRTO)
  • Tire and Rim Association (T&RA)
  • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA-DOT 119)

5) Test Procedures:

  • Designed numerous testing programs involving subjective handling, high load carrying, rolling resistance, tread puncture, sidewall cut resistance and life cycle durability
  • Coordinate and manage in depth 'controlled test' for industry manufactures.  Provide 'hands on' service, detailed reports and summarize test results for next step in development.
  • Work with numerous 'third party' test centers worldwide on various 'industry certification' laboratory tests including, high load drum test, rolling resistance, structural failure, tread foot print, wet & dry traction, casing materials analysis, rubber compound analysis, etc.

6) Consulting services to meet client needs

  • Project by Project
  • Individual Product Line development
  • Year to Year commitment